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Limited edition Premium Numbers

Looking to stand-out and be remembered? Why not start with one of our premium numbers now available in three classes

Limited edition Premium Numbers, gold
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  • At Jawwy, we’re all about personalization so why not choose one of our limited edition special numbers whilst stocks last? You can choose a number from one of three categories and if you don’t like your choice, you can always search again.
  • Gold – 1,500 SAR
  • Silver – 750 SAR
  • Bronze – 250 SAR
  • Remember choose any of our special numbers and we’ll give you a range of benefits on top:
    9GB national data
    200 national minutes
    10 SAR credit
  • Plus four FREE passes: YouTube (30GB monthly); Wi-Fi (90GB access to over 10,000 STC hotspots across KSA); Transport (3GB access to Careem app); and, Social (3 GB to use WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter)