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Jawwy SIM 500

300GB plus 3,000 National Minutes, valid 90 days. Only 525 SAR (inc. VAT). Why not share the data & minutes with other SIMs on your account?

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Jawwy SIM 500
In Stock
The Jawwy SIM 500 comes with:
    • 300 GB fast data
    • 3000 National Minutes
    • Valid 90 days

Purchase requires a valid National ID or Iqama

To activate the SIM, download the Jawwy App

Recharge through the Jawwy App using SAWA vouchers or set-up auto recharge with a Credit Card

Combos cannot be upgraded or downgraded

  * Calls within the flexible plans and combos features excludes calling the unified numbers (9200)
What is the 500 SIM card? It is a temporary promotional SIM that gives the customers 300 GB for national use plus 3000 minutes for national use to other mobile operators and landline numbers (Excluding calling 9200, 700, 800 and 900 numbers). The Combo is valid for 90 days, for only 500 SAR. VAT is not included.
Until when I can purchase the 500 SIM? It is a temporary promotional SIM that will be available for online purchase till the 29th of Jan 2020.
Do I need to purchase the Combo 500 after buying Jawwy 500 SIM? Definitely no, you have already paid, you can start enjoying the benefits right after you activate your SIM.
Can I share the benefits of Jawwy 500 SIM with my numbers in the same account? Yes, you can share the 300 GB and 3000 Minutes with all the numbers under the same account.
Can I gift Jawwy 500 SIM to other Jawwy subscribers? You cannot gift a SIM card, however; after you activate your SIM you can gift a new Combo 500 to other Jawwy subscribers in different accounts.