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SIM 150

Enjoy 55GB plus Unlimited Social, and 3000 National Minutes*. Valid 30 days..

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SIM 150, sim
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The Jawwy SIM 150 comes with:
    • 55 GB Fast Data
    • 3000 National Minutes
    • Unlimited Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp & YouTube)
    • Valid 30 days

Purchase requires valid National ID or Iqama.

Customer must have a valid Absher Account for activating the eSIM

eSIM Instructions & supported devices

To activate the SIM, download the Jawwy App

Recharge through the Jawwy App using SAWA vouchers or set-up auto recharge with a Credit Card

SMS rate= 25 Hallah / SMS

*Calls to 9200 are included in your bundle of National Minutes. Once this bundle is consumed, you’ll need to buy PayGo credit to call 9200.

In the event a customer leaves Jawwy, the remaining balance can be transferred to another Jawwy or stc SIM. For help, pls contact JawwyCare