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SIM 100

Enjoy 30GB plus 20GB Social & 1500 National Minutes*. Valid 30 days.

Hurry, limited time offer.

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SIM 100, sim
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The Jawwy SIM 100 comes with:
    • 30 GB National Data
    • 20 GB Social Data (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp & YouTube)
    • 1500 National Minutes*
    • Valid 30 days

Purchase requires valid National ID or Iqama.

Customer must have a valid Absher Account for activating the eSIM

eSIM Instructions & supported devices

To activate the SIM, download the Jawwy App

Recharge through the Jawwy App using SAWA vouchers or set-up auto recharge with a Credit Card

SMS rate= 25 Hallah / SMS

Calls to 9200 are included in your bundle of National Minutes. Once this bundle is consumed, you’ll need to buy PayGo credit to call 9200, calls will be charged 15 Halala/ minute.

*Call tariffs for short access codes consisting of 4 to 6 digits are calculated form local minutes included in the package. Once the local minutes are consumed, calling will be charged within the network.

In the event a customer leaves Jawwy, the remaining balance can be transferred to another Jawwy or stc SIM. For help, pls contact JawwyCare