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Jawwy SIM 50+ Anghami

Get 3GB, 50 minutes & 5 SAR credit plus FREE passes for ONLY 50 SAR


Limited time bonus offer! Join now and get an additional one month FREE subscription to Anghami Plus.


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Jawwy SIM 50+ Anghami
In Stock
The Jawwy SIM 50 comes with:
  • 3GB fast data
  • 50 any-network minutes
  • 5 SAR extra service credit to use inside the app or international calls
  • Wi-Fi Pass: 90GB free every month (3GB per day to use at over 10,000 STC Wi-Fi hotspots)
  • Social Pass (3GB free every month to use WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter)
  • Transport Pass: 3GB free every month to use the Careem and Morni Apps.

And, for a limited time only, one month free subscription to Anghami Plus, offering unlimited music streaming and downloads of more than 20 million songs, free for 30 days

  • Purchase requires valid National ID or Iqama
  • To activate the SIM, download the Jawwy App
  • Recharge thru the App using SAWA Vouchers or set-up auto recharge with a Credit Card