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Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger

Vehicle intelligence and fast charging speed for the best driving experience

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Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger, black
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  • Charge at Max Speed with 2 Reversible USB Ports
    Charge two high wattage devices at their swiftest speeds, 2X faster than average car chargers. Plug your cable in either direction.
  • Smart Car Finder
    Whenever you park, ZUS will save your car's location to your phone automatically. Simply open the ZUS app to find your car.
  • Parking Meter Alert
    Set a parking timer to keep an eye on the meter and never pay another ticket again.
  • Car Battery Health Monitor
    Actively monitor your car’s battery and get notified when your battery is underperforming.
Weight 28g
Input Current 2.2A - 1.1A
Output Current 4.8A Max (2.4A Max of each USB port)
Input Voltage DC 12 - 24V
Output Voltage DC 5V